About Us

Crystal Gelato vast production facility is located in a 75.000 sqm area with over 330 experienced, youthful employees with the export network to over 75 countries. With the help of our R&D center which includes over 30 professional engineers, we tend to maintain our highest quality, performance and durability by engaging the latest technology and components.

All products are manufactured with the highest technology and machinery and all the productions, from start to stock control and delivery, are registered, tracked and monitored with our ERP system. With our high sense of standards and principles in flexible manufacturing, wide product rang, after sales service, technical support, spare parts stock control and on time delivery, we are able to expand our export network every day.


Crystal Gelato has started his journey in 1996 and entered the sector by selling only ice cream in different locations. Crystal Gelato  had a dream of being well known worldwide by producing ice cream machines. Crystal Gelato  has committed to self-enrichment that improves the product range by developing technology and people. Crystal Gelato  is proud of being a part of the industry by adopting the principle of quality on the basis of the production. Crystal Gelato shares all the knowledge and the experience in each model. Our goal is to be one of the leading companies in the industry and represent our country in the world successfully.


As Crystal Gelato Machinery, our mission is to add value our company for society and environment, by offering seasonable, high quality and balanced price in the production of soft, hard ice cream and milkshake machines. We make sure our products are capable of producing the tastiest products to ensure the complete customer satisfaction and economic development of our country.


As Crystal Gelato Machinery, our vision is a preferred company in the market by keeping satisfaction of customers and employees at the highest level with new enterprises in the production and presentation to customer of soft, hard ice cream and milkshake machine which produced healthy and tasty products.