All our machines can perform at high temperatures up to 43 ° C.


All metal parts of our machines touching the ice cream are made of high quality stainless steel


All Smach Machines have inverter. Energy consumption is important for storing the entire database and protecting the most important moving parts.


The higher air ratio, our + models with pumps are capable of delivering much higher air rates than other gravity machines.


Much more efficient service with much faster cooling thanks to a more powerful compressor.


Thanks to the wheeled models, it is more comfortable to move.


Thanks to the new generation magnetic stirrer, your product in the hopper will always remain homogeneous.


With the specially designed pump system pumps can offer higher rate and fluffy ice creams.


Special vending machines working with card, coin and coin system.


Pasteurization system every 15 days to have a chance of general cleaning. Thanks to this system, the machine can provide its own hygiene by automatic pasteurization every evening.


The comfortable design makes it easy to use for everyone.


System that delivers the product in the hopper to the cylinder with gravity. For our customers who prefer pumpless machines.